São Leopoldo Mandic

São Leopoldo Mandic

The São Leopoldo Mandic Medical School adopted Paciente 360® in the Campinas and Araras (SP) units. São Leopoldo Mandic selects and uses Paciente 360® cases for every semester according to its clinical reasoning curriculum. Because Paciente 360® offers all stages of care, from consultation to physical examinations, professors at São Leopoldo Mandic adapt the cases depending on their teaching objectives while providing students with questionnaires, references, and consultation materials.

“The simulation of cases using actors and the sequence of appointments is very well done. The material is very well structured, with very well-done theoretical content. It really meets expectations.”

Ivone da Silva Duarte, professor and coordinator of the Medicine course at São Leopoldo Mandic College in Araras (SP).

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