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Paciente 360® offers personalized medical and health training courses for university, hospital and corporate environments. It is a tool that expands the access to health education and allows thousands of people to learn in a practical and accessible way. The Paciente 360 team’s ultimate goal is to help educate and train as many people as possible by creating an environment to disseminate knowledge without giving up humanization, interaction, and real experience.


From Education to healthcare

Pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical IndustryO Paciente 360® is an unprecedented way of training pharmaceutical industry sales teams and medical customers because it approaches the real challenges that clinics, hospitals, and physicians face.

The platform can be used for product launches where pharmaceutical industries present new drugs in a customized way.

Teaching professionals about the correct use of medications through the dissemination of scientific information and use of clinical cases results in increased sales.

Paciente 360 can be used in large events with hundreds of participants divided in modules or courses with small groups of virtual interaction.

UniversitiesPaciente 360® is revolutionizing medical education and other healthare courses by uniting theory and practice in a digital environment. The platform guarantees reality-based learning since the beginning of the undergraduate course and allows student to interact with all stages of medical care a humanized way.

The presence of actors who simulate clinical cases of different diseases or healthcare situations, from diagnosis to treatment, allows students to perform exams and monitor and interact with short and long-term outcomes in the PATIENT’S JOURNEY.

From a teaching perspective, Paciente 360 allows the professor to offer practical classes since the first year of the course and evaluate the needs and performance of students more accurately, which results in more trained professionals in the future.

HospitalsPaciente 360® is a versatile solution and capable of incorporating new content on a constant basis and short period of time. In a hospital environment, the platform to simulates all stages of healthcare in a humanized way, optimizes procedures and resources, and offers hospitals the possibility of training teams on a large scale.

Paciente 360® allows for the dissemination of new protocols, technologies and techniques in a practical and assertive way.

Trainings can be carried out in different environments and managers can evaluate the entire process, optimize protocols, and detect possible areas of improvement.

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